Digital & 12” vinyl available April 28th, 2014



Lately this blog has been getting quite a few asks that we can’t give solid answers to, because they’re subjective questions. Please remember that FYD is not a forum! We’re here to provide you with information, not opinions. If you really want to discuss our opinions, please ask us about them on our personal blogs. Subjective questions received by this blog have a very low chance of getting answered.

Are you guys aware that the danger vk fan page has tons of unreleased songs by danger including 14 unreleased demos

We are aware, but we will not post them seeing as another music blog was given a cease and desist order regarding those tracks by Ekleroshock.

We did have them on the blog a year or so ago, but took them down out of respect for the musician and the label, and we advise anyone else who feels the need to post them to do the same.

The vk fanpage doesn’t seem to think of the musician first, and if you think to spread them around yourself, please do not. 

Danger - 1:42 Teaser Digital & 12” Vinyl Available on April 28th, 2014 on 1789

Do you have any idea how danger makes his eyes glow in his live shows?

well those are just his real eyes, of course. they naturally glow.

kidding, lol, it’s simply a hard mask with lights! here’s a good close-up picture of it with clear lighting: the lights are in a sort of faceplate while the part of the mask that covers his head is a stretchy fabric material. there’s small slits for him to breathe and see in the faceplate. when it’s dark during his live the illusion is pretty much seamless, and he looks completely black with glowing eyes.

With the new website 1789records do you think frank is making his own record company, if so do you think it is good idea.

that’s what 1789 appears to be, but we can’t tell you exactly what it is because we don’t know, of course. if you want a personal opinion, this mod in particular thinks it’s a great idea because ekleroshock wasn’t doing the best job representing the danger project.

Where do you find most of his art.

all of Franck’s old danger art was on his myspace, but after myspace changed their layout all the art is gone. luckily we have it all saved :) you can still find some of it with google images, and i think if you put his myspace url into the wayback machine you might be able to see it that way.

Other artists like Danger ?

there aren’t any artists i know of who sound exactly like danger, but you’ll probably enjoy things that fall under the nu-80s umbrella, of which there are too many to list. check out the other artists on the ekleroshock label too, particularly data.


Danger for Elekt’Rhône [x]