This is a fan-blog for Franck Rivoire, AKA Danger, French electro musician and graphic designer.

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SUNSET - Cindy (S01E03)

SUNSET - Kim (S01E02)

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FYD has a new theme! Our old one was pretty outdated.

Also— we’re now at almost 750 followers! Thanks everyone!

In other news, FYD will also now be posting news about Franck’s SUNSET project!


Danger Mask Test Fit! Premiering at J1-Con!


Anonymous asked: What are the chances of DANGER releasing the attraction sound track?

At this point, I wouldn’t expect it. 

danvonlongname asked: Did any of you cool cats enter the blockbuster tournament?

I’ve tried but can’t enter, since FOX blocks the video. I might try again with something else though! I’m not sure if the other mods will participate.

xxambassadors asked: do you guys know if there is any danger merch anywhere?

For now there’s nothing but the EP, but there is a store with a tshirt (coming soon). I’m sure there will be announcements when merch becomes available!

Danger - 1:30- Official Video

Digital & 12” vinyl available April 28th, 2014